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With a fair wind it looks like the pubs might open sometime. During the closure we were supported by many customers across the county and country and we would like to thank you very much for accompanying us during this extremely tricky period. As Stonewell is available in off licences and soon once more on sale in pubs we think it’s time to leave it to the professionals. As such, after August 9th 2020 we will suspend our home delivery service. We are extremely grateful for the support you provided us during lockdown and the ongoing Covid restrictions, without which we would not have been able to continue trading. Thank you.

Delivery service operates in Co. Cork as far as Skibbereen on the West side.

Delivery Days

Minimum order: 12 litres of alcoholic cider as required by the Irish Revenue Commissioner – no minimum for non-alcoholic cider.

Stonewell Medium Dry: €45 – case of 12 x 500ml = 6 litres
Stonewell Dry: €45 – case of 12 x 500ml = 6 litres
Stonewell Rós: €42 – case of 12 x 330ml = 3.96 litres (count as 4 litres)
Stonewell Non-alcoholic: €26.40 – case of 12 x 330ml: 3.96 litres

Prices include VAT and delivery

Please use the form below to submit your order to with your address, Eircode and telephone number.

You will receive an email from Paypal/Nohoval Drinks Company with payment options. The delivery will take place once the payment is processed.