StonewellTobarin-shadowStonewell Tobairín – Low Alcohol Cider

A crisp, light, almost Perry like cider which perfectly fits the bill for the designated driver or lunch time drink. Tobairín is evidence that just because there’s less alcohol (1.5% ABV) it doesn’t mean that the character or complexity of the drink has to suffer. Very light in colour, this sparkling drink possesses great apple flavour with naturally occurring fermentation esters reminiscent of lemon. This is a reflection of the fact that the cider is drawn entirely from eating apple varieties and in particular Jonagored.

We originally created this cider by undertaking a second pressing of the apple pommace, which delivered a juice with a lower sugar content. As a result when fermented it delivers an ABV of just above 2% ABV. When this base cider is blended with back sweetening fresh apple juice the alcohol by volume is naturally brought down to just 1.5%. Whilst hard work we believe the result is worthwhile and enables Stonewell lovers to enjoy a drink at the time of day they choose.

What’s in a name?

Well in the case of Tobairín we sought to reflect both the characteristics of the drink and its provenance. Tobar means “well” (as in wishing well) and “ín” means small or light, coming together as Tobairín

Serve features: 500ml, carbonated, crown cap.