Stonewell Medium Dry Cider

This is a classic cider. With a wonderful fresh apple juice aroma and effervescence that tickles the nose the cider gives an initial burst of sweet apple flavour on the palate followed by citrus and woody notes derived from the bittersweet and Jonagored apples used as the base ciders. This carbonated cider is best enjoyed as a refreshing thirst quencher, chilled to 7 degrees (watch the ice – whilst it will maintain the chill it can conceal the full flavour!).

This was our first and remains our most popular cider. The medium dry contains approximately 20% cider apples and 80% eating apples. The cider apples provide the astringency in the cider and the structure on which the full, rounder and more citrus characteristics of the eating apples hang themselves. Our apples for this cider are currently drawn from the counties of Laois, Waterford and Tipperary. The eating apples are harvested from late July through to September and the bittersweet apples are available from October onwards.

Serve features: 500ml, carbonated, crown cap.