Stonewell Ros Apple & RhubarbRós Apple & Rhubarb

Rós was born in 2016 when a local farmer approached us with rhubarb that he was growing and suggested we might like to consider using it. We said yes but then discovered getting juice out of a stick of rhubarb is exceptionally challenging.

We managed it in the end but boy was it tough. We ferment the rhubarb on its own into a rhubarb wine. We blend this with eating apple cider and sweeten it with fresh juice. The result is a tart cider with an abundance of rhubarb on the nose lush apple on the palate and a smooth long after taste.

It turned out all the hard work was worth it – Rós went on to become the cross category Supreme Champion at the National Irish Food Awards. It’s been a regular in our stable ever since.