Stonewell Supporting the Irish Bee Conservation Project

Starting this summer, when you buy a bottle of Stonewell Cider, Stonewell will make a donation to the Irish Bee Conservation Project (IBCP).

These funds will go towards the general activities of the organisation, including the creation of pollinator trails, the construction of bee lodges and raising awareness of the plight of the Irish Bee species.

The Irish Bee Conservation Project, an Irish volunteer run organisation that works to protect Honey Bees, Bumble Bees & solitary bees, has teamed up with Stonewell Cider to help them increase the survival of all species of native Irish bees through research, ecology support and biodiversity protection.

Stonewell, a craft cider producer in Cork, uses only fresh apple juice to produce its ciders. The apples used for that juice would not grow without bees and pollination. Bees therefore are vital to Stonewell’s very existence.

Learn more about the Irish Bee Conservation Project Here