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Stonewell Rós Stockists

Stonewell Ros Awards

Stonewell Rós Apple & Rhubarb Stockists Our Apple and Rhubarb Cider Stonewell Rós is back with a splash, fresh from Gold for the Best Fruit Flavoured cider in the International Cider Awards in London! We have been refining our Rós blend since we started making it 3 years ago...

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Stonewell Non-Alcoholic Cider Stockists

Stonewell 0% – Non-Alcoholic Cider Times change and so do we! Sometimes by principle or circumstance it’s better not to consume alcohol. Traditionally we’ve been an alcoholic beverage maker, namely cider. So in order for to us to produce a non-alcoholic beverage we’ve had to go back to the...

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Cider Pancakes

Looking for some pancake inspiration for tomorrow? Then look no further, as we have a delicious grown up take on the humble pancake. The perfect treat to enjoy with a cold glass of Stonewell! Let us know if you try them! Ingredients Pancake batter 250g flour 3 eggs 1...

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CiderCon – Stop Press!

Hyperbole isn’t adequate enough to describe the buzz coming out of my first CiderCon Cider Share. As you will see from the photos this is a large room lined with ciders and their makers from across the USA and overseas. It is what it says, namely a forum for...

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CiderCon Part 2

I discovered to my astonishment that there are over 1,100 attendees at CiderCon. Which explains the need for such a massive hotel here in Chicago, all 1,500 rooms and 25 floors; built in 1926 there are parts of it where you can imagine the gun toting gangsters swaggering around...

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CiderCon – The First Instalment

CiderCon is an annual shindig organised by the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) in the USA. This year it is taking place in the Windy City, Chicago. So, what’s a small Irish cider maker doing over here? Well, I was told it was a place to learn,...

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Stonewell Tobairín Stockists

bottle of cider on apples

For those of you looking for a great Stonewell flavour but without so much of the zing, Tobairín (tobair meaning well, ín meaning small or light) is a low alcohol cider (1.5% ABV) made from fermented Elstar eating apples blended with fresh Jonagored juice; nothing else. Learn more about...

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Stonewell Hot Cider

glass of hot cider

Our hot cider is perfect for those cold winter nights and is very simple to make, a nice alternative to traditional mulled cider with a bit more of a kick. The recipe below is for one serving of hot cider. Let us know if you try it over the...

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Tawny Sour Cocktail


The Tawny Sour Cocktail is easy to make and is sure to impress, a great cocktail to try out as the evenings get shorter and darker. A delicious cocktail for an after dinner treat or for entertaining with friends. Let us know if you try it! You will find...

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Stonewell Apple and Cucumber Stockists

We hope you will enjoy our new Summer seasonal Apple and Cucumber Cider. It is a light crisp medium dry cider made only with the fresh juice of dessert apples and a subtle twist of cucumber. A refreshing thirst quencher made by our small team in Cork. You can find...

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