Traditional Irish Cider Makers

We have a full time team of 5 traditional Irish cider makers here at Stonewell. Myself, Daniel, principal cider maker and apparently general run around. Géraldine, herself who keeps us on our toes! Géraldine runs the books and is also a dab hand at marketing and new media, and occasionally seen at the more exotic festivals! Val is one of our key traditional cider makers. With a great nose and palate for obtaining good blends, Val toils exceptionally hard to make sure that we as cider makers do a good job. Gwen brings up the rear, having joined us in 2015. Gwen, who originally hails from the Loire valley in France comes from a wine making background and brings a lot more technical rigour as to how we go about fermenting and blending our ciders. Rachel is the most recent addition to the Stonewell Team. Rachel joined us in August last to handle and develop our marketing activities. She studied Marketing in college and is very much “hands on”.

We are supplemented by able assistants that step into the fray at peak times, such as apple harvesting and bottling.

Most importantly we are all appreciators of the cider we make! Which means apart from the pride of a job well done, we have a vested interest to create the best drink we can.