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CiderCon – Stop Press!

Hyperbole isn’t adequate enough to describe the buzz coming out of my first CiderCon Cider Share. As you will see from the photos this is a large room lined with ciders and their makers from across the USA and overseas. It is what it says, namely a forum for...

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CiderCon Part 2

I discovered to my astonishment that there are over 1,100 attendees at CiderCon. Which explains the need for such a massive hotel here in Chicago, all 1,500 rooms and 25 floors; built in 1926 there are parts of it where you can imagine the gun toting gangsters swaggering around...

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CiderCon – The First Instalment

CiderCon is an annual shindig organised by the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) in the USA. This year it is taking place in the Windy City, Chicago. So, what’s a small Irish cider maker doing over here? Well, I was told it was a place to learn,...

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